Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stay at home mom

So I got a nudge from a fellow blogger that I hadn't posted in a's a bit of an update.

Eating: ok
Exercise: it's on like donkey kong!
Work: My husband fired me. Yeah. He says it's just cuz we can't work together, I think it's because he feels that I'm not moving fast enough for him, I feel he hasn't given me a real chance. But how could he when I don't work every day of the week...he fired me after working one day with him after nearly four weeks off. Go figure. So I'm a stay at home mom again. I'm still casual with the biker shop so I've got two weekends lined up that I'm working shows this month. I'm working only a few hours for the Edmonton show but the following weekend I'll be heading down for 30 hrs in 3 days in Red Deer. I'm pretty stoked! I've always loved working bike shows, love the atmosphere, love the people, and from what I've been told Red Deer is one of the biggest shows. Bring on the commission y'all!
Emotional Health: Meh

So far this week has been pretty fucking shitty. I'll deal with it though. I'll get through this.

On a positive note my comp is back up to a point where I am able to access WW Online without fearing my stored credit card info will be kifed. So I'm back to tracking!!! This means I should no longer be stuck in maintenance mode. Seriously, I think once I get to where I want to be...I'll be able to maintain no problem. I've been doing it for months!

I'm really loving this bootcamp DVD that Tammy got for me. I'm still in level one but have just started keeping constant with it on this past Monday so I'll stay there for a bit, however the 3 lbs weights I've been using have just felt way too light so I bumped up to the 5. I still feel like I'm getting a far better lower body workout than upper (my ass is killin me y'all!) but Tammy warned me about level two so I'm counting on my arms burnin like mad once I get there.

For now, that's all she wrote.


TC said...

Yay for Bootcamp! I am so glad you like it. :) I think it's pretty good too. Nice to have an alternative to Shred when Jillian gets on my nerves.

Sorry Ian fired your ass...damn, that's some cold shit! Lol...guess he doesn't like grumpy employees?

Glad we got to talk yesterday! Keep on keepin on and TRACK THE SHIT outta your food, girl. :)

Fat Daddy said...

Well even though the week has been shitty it sounds like you have been staying with it. That is good stuff.

Sorry you got fired.

I'm envious yuor 30 days with Jillian are over and mine have only just begun.

big_mummy said...

he FIRED you?? seriously, id kick his ass. Hope you got severance (in at least the bedroom dept ;) )

JewliaGoulia said...

I hope your week gets better. Keep doing the bootcamp and hopefully it will kick those bad feelings in the ass!


Tricia said...

Sorry you got fired...I'm pretty sure I couldnt ever work with my hubby though :)

F. McButter Pants said...

Your hubs fired you. That's just too sad. I think being a stay at home is the hardest job. I never did it, always worked.

Glad you checked in and that you're going strong.

Keep it up.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sounds like you had a sucky boss. ;)

marion said...

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