Thursday, January 7, 2010

For Tammy

So I told her I'd post my measurements since the not nearly 30 day shred off...haven't yet, so here they are Tam!

Nov 30/2009
Arm: 14.75
Chest: 42.25
Waist: 39.25
Hip: 52
Thigh: 26.50
Calf: 16

Jan 2/2010
Arm: 14
Chest: 42
Waist: 38.50
Hip: 50.75
Thigh: 26
Calf: 16

Inches lost
Arm: 0.75
Chest: 0.25
Waist: 0.75
Hip: 1.25
Thigh: 0.50
Calf: 0

Total inches lost: 3.5

As for weight? Only a loss of 0.8 lbs. Fucking gay.

I hope getting back on with my tracking and working out with the bootcamp 6 days a week will speed shit up. I'm sick of maintaining!

PS: Yes, my hips really are that big. I can't believe how fat I am. Fucking hips.


JewliaGoulia said...

Shut up! You are so hot, plus my hips are in the 62" range so I win/lose. *boo!*

You'll work it out and once you find that right balance of exercise, etc., those pounds are going to be flying off!

Seriously though, congrats on posting the stats, that was a very nerve racking thing for me to do so. *kudos!*


Tony the Pink Panda said...

You are probably either due for a diet break or a recalculation of how many calories you need a day.

TC said...

For moi? To be sure you are much too kind! :) I am glad you posted these! Wow! You lost INCHES...I love it! Don't worry about the lbs, you are SMALLER everywhere! That rocks in serious way.

Love ya girly!

Lorie said...

If it makes you feel any better all my fatness is in the middle like a bike fat ball....with legs.

It sucks!

Amelia said...

.8 pounds is a lot better than the 3 pounds a week I seem to have been gaining all year! haha.. I need to measure myself too, but I am scared. I think my waist measurement will be the biggest one, and that is too depressing to acknowledge via the bitter reality of black and white numbers! Anyway, good job, and I'm out there fighting my way out of hell along with you. :o)

Diana said...

I have big hips too. I hate it. Even if I'm at goal weight my hips are still huge. All hips and thighs, that's me.

You seriously don't look fat in your pictures, not at all. Are you really tall? Like 6' or so?

Great job though on the loss of inches in just a couple months. That's truly amazing.

Syl said...

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