Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm going to be away y'all until Sunday night. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be three long, grueling, wonderful hours selling gear to (hopefully) some eye candy type bikers! I'm estimating at least 30 hours this weekend, it's going to be great! There's my spending money for my trip back to WI to see my sis!

As I'll be out of town there will be no access to my blog and e-mail. Those of you that can hit me up on facebook or text! Also, no scales at the hotel so I'll be weighing in tomorrow. Hopped on this morning for a cheat peek and saw I'm down 2.6 lbs! Let's home that stays, maybe I'll even drop more, these are numbers I haven't seen since before my last trip home in October!

Speaking of home, it still feels so surreal that I'm going, it's all happening so fast. The closer it gets (10 more days), the more excited I am. I know it's all bittersweet, it's not ideal reasons I'm going home, but I can't help but be excited I'm going to see everyone again. This last holiday was very very tough for me, being away from the fam. And then I guess it kind of hits me that my baby won't be with me. This will be the first time I've taken a trip away from him for more than a couple days. I'm going to miss him sooo much! It's got me teary eyed just thinking about it. I'm going to miss my husband too, of course, that first night alone in bed is always a killer. I'm excited at the aspect of having a solo trip, just me, no worries...but I already miss my son, and the bugger's layin on the couch behind me!

Anyway, this is more than I wanted to get into, just wanted to give a heads up, I'm not disappearing, I'm just disappearing for a few days. Know what I'm sayin? Update on Monday!


TC said...

Have a great time missy! I am so happy you get to work and do something you totally dig, too! Hope to catch you on fb then. :)

TjRenee said...

Do you need any help? Maybe some biker eye candy would help me feel better. ;)

Good luck with your weigh in. Hope the scale wasn't being a lying bitch this morning.

A trip away from hubby AND kids? I'm not sure how I'd feel. Oh hell, yes I do. Freedom! hehehe

Syl said...

Have a great trip! I hope you have a great time with your sister, I'm sure it will be exactly what she needs.

I'll miss you will you are gone, good luck on your weight in!

Pink Panda said...

Have fun selling gear. How does this work?