Monday, January 25, 2010

Manic Monday

I haven't read all of the blogs, I doubt I will, I've read some and commented where I felt the need to, but from here on out it's fresh with blogs. I just can't keep sitting here and going back.

The weekend was good! Mostly. Worked long days with my favorite ex manager, no really, I adore her, and even hit the bar Saturday night for a three hour, 9 ounce bender. Oh yeah, I was hammered. Good times! Had issues with the gal that was sent to "help" us out at the show. Colleen and I work best under pressure, shows are the biggest pressure, this girl kept stepping on our toes, Colleen and I are very much alike. We were ready to snap, and she was sent home early on the "it's pretty slow" basis both days she worked.

Had lots and lots of eye candy. Tattooed bald delish yummy bikers. I'm still drooling. Food was...well concession food. I honestly didn't eat much of anything while I was there, but what I did eat, with the exception of the nice little vendor lunch the agri centre laid out on Sunday, was shit. On Sunday I saw the salads and sandwiches and was never so happy to see a carrot stick in my life. It felt soooo good to eat some real food. Unfortunately the little amount of food I ate over the weekend already has me pegged back up to where I was, what the hell! Literally my days were breakfast: small blueberry muffin, lunch: smokie (sausagey type thing for all my 'merican's), dinner: smokie or slice of pizza.

I need to relax. Seriously so tired. I'd also told Ian to be there to pick Colleen and I up at 7 instead of 8 when we were scheduled to be done. Takedown went great and we ended up being finished at 6, when Ian decided to leave Edmonton. Which left Colleen and I sitting around until 8 pm. We were not happy girls.

Then this morning Ian tells me that the receipts I need to drop off, and the email I need to send to head office about my pay....well I have to bus it to the mall and back (2 hours each way), in the time Tony's at school. Ian also let me sleep until 7:30 am. So basically I woke up, threw on some clothes, started a pot of coffee, didn't get any coffee or breakfast, then had to hop on the bus to hit the mall. No coffee, no food, and 6 cigarettes later, I was vibrating and so angry.

Luckily my little Brett, a guy that worked with me at the shop, offered me a ride home. I bought him, and myself, a delish chicken caesar crepe. He made me smile again.

Now it's not even 8 pm. I'm sore, tired, my throat hurts from all the smoking...I'm ready for bed. I leave for Wisconsin in exactly a week. I'm excited, but already dreading the flight.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Yeah, when you get behind with the blogs, it's murder trying to play catch-up. Best to just start fresh.

Sounds like a pretty eventful weekend...

Diana said...

Sounds like you had a great time, although it exhausted me.

Don't worry about the gain, it's all that salt in the concession food, it'll probably fall right off of you.

Get some sleep!

Amelia said...

I'm glad that your weekend was mostly good! I hope you have a great week too. :o)

Fat Daddy said...

Wow! Busy busy girl! Made me tired just reading it.

Camevil said...

wowie, what a week. Man, the food had to be really crappy to rejoice at the sight of carrots.