Saturday, January 9, 2010

As Jack said...

My scale is a whore.

I second that!

I'll be completely honest though. If I'm maintaining at just over 200 lbs, and following plan and exercising (when I never used to) isn't helping drop that weight, does that mean I'm stuck here forever? Am I ok with that?

Please tell me what to do!

Also to clarify, my sis is a chosen sis. She's my absolute bestest friend in the whole world. God couldn't have handed me a blood sister better than her. So in all reality, she doesn't even have my mom to talk to. In fact her mom passed away a few years ago. She doesn't have her mom.

As for the way my mom is acting...I've talked to my cousin and aunt (my mom's sister...real sister) and they've both said this isn't like her. She's with this new guy right? The one she just married? And she's changed herself to cater to him. I didn't even want to tell her I was coming to WI. I shouldn't have. I knew she'd react in a not so positive way. Next time I go I probably won't say anything at all. She's alienating herself from her family. It's killing me. I miss the mom I always knew and loved, this isn't her.


Monica said...

I dont think youre stuck at that weight forever. Pop a Jillian video in, thatll get the weight off in no time. :)~

Im sorry to hear about your mom. Its always been tough to talk to my own mother about the way she acts, so sometimes as a kid, Id write her letters. Can you do that? That way you say what you want, and she cant interrupt you, and you get your point across and no fight started unless she hates the letter? Is this bad advice? Are you rolling your eyes, dammit?

Monica said...

Im back because I see you HAVE been doing Jillian videos so ignore my previous comment! I have no new advice dammit!

Kelly! said...

It kills when a family member changes...i don't even know my sister anymore. But you just have to try to talk to them and wait it out because at the end of the day, they are family and you love them. As for your weight, don't give up! just try mixing it up you might be in a plateu because your body is used to a routine! good luck <3

Kelly! said...

yes! she's so nice!

wildfluffysheep said...

My scale is a skanky whore.

I have no idea what to suggest. i am sucky.

sorry to hear about the mom thing <3 <3

Tricia said...

Try to shake up your routine a little. Those number will get to moving soon.

Diana said...

So funny, I call my best friend my sister. We even get sister birthday cards for each other.

That's sad about your mom. Maybe she's having some sort of mental issue going on. Is she going through menopause or something? I bet she'll come around and realize the value of a relationship with you, her daughter.

Hang in there kiddo! :)

Diana said...

Forgot to mention - be patient about the weight thing. Sounds like you're at a plateau or something. Plus sometimes working out hard and often actually causes you to gain some muscle. Have you taken your measurements? That will give you a better idea how you're doing versus the scale.