Friday, January 8, 2010

Going home

So some things have been worked out with my sis. For now there won't be a divorce, but each day will bring something new. I still feel, however, that I need to be there to support her. So with the help of my higher power, and Air Miles, I will be flying into Green Bay next month with mixed emotions.

My mom and I actually argued about it when I asked her for a ride from the airport, and offered to pay for her gas and food on the way home. She told me I can't fix anything, I said I know that and I'm not trying to, she asked how Jenn would feel after I left, I said hopefully that some of the weight of her problems would be going with me. She told me she didn't have money for me, I told her that I have my own thank you very much. She stomped on my heart today, and the longer I think about the way she treated me and the words she said, the angrier and more hurt I get. I need to stop thinking about it. Needless to say I told her to forget the ride, my cousin will get me.


Valerie Roberson said...

I'm really glad things seem better for your sis, and its great you're going to see her.

Your mom sounds like a trip :/ I'm sorry she's treating you that way. I hope you realize that it's her problem, not yours.

Syl said...

so glad you are able to get there. Even though you may not be able to fix anything the simple fact that you will be there for your sister may be what she needs right now.

F. McButter Pants said...

Just a thought. Maybe your mom is afraid. Afraid for your sister. Maybe she herself is feeling helpless. Remember when people act like that it's really never about YOU!

Don't take it personally. Totally easier said then done. You're doing what is right for you. Mom will come around. Being a mom of a kid around your age, the best advice I gave myself was .....I don't know everything!

Take care, kid

Lorie said...

All I can say is you are doing the right thing. Regardless of what your mom thinks, your sister will forever remember you being there for her, especially if she reached out to you. Moms can really suck sometimes and not even realize it.

Julia said...

First off I am glad your sister is in a safe place for now. I am also happy to hear that you are going to see here. Granted you can't make all of your sis' pain go away but your trip will definitely comfort her and let her know that she has someone to lean on. Perhaps she will be more accepting of help, and reach out when she has problems in the future.

You are a great sister. Your mom, sounds like my mom. She dwells on the negative most times and I just get frustrated and angry. Please don't let her attitude bring you down. You are doing the right thing by being there for your sister.

All the best to you and your family.


M said...

Ugh, your mom was in Negative Town about the whole visit, I see.

Im glad you still plan on seeing her, I know sometimes my mom would tell my sister not to do something for me or vice versa and we were always appreciative that we did it anyways. Moms dont always know best.