Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I wish I could explain this without feeling like a complete tool. I don't even have hormones to blame it on. The past few days have been tearful and exhausting, this morning started off with a grand fight. I just don't want to do anything. Not a fucking thing. I want to sit on the couch, that's all.

I know I should work out, I think I'll do the laundry instead.

I'm getting to a point where I kind of want to give up on this whole blogging thing. I'm turning into one of those people that I hate, and I do not like sharing that with the world.


Tricia said...

Quitting the things you used to enjoy will probably only make it worse, Ambeeeeee. Just leaves more time to sit around feeling bad about things. Try to think positive and get back into your groove. Sometimes our emotions get the best of doesn't make you weak and it definitely doesn't make you a tool. It's a part of life. Forgive yourself and move on. Life will be good again, friend.

Victoria said...

Dont quit
I would miss you and your blog

I am sorry you are having a bad morning. I had a bad last week and I cried almost everyday. Going through it i hated every minute of it. But now I have moved past it and I am trying to be positive. Its good to just let it all out and get a new start! We are all here for you. I hope your day gets better

Monica said...

I agree, PLEASE Dont quit! What about changing your blog to just a regular blog and you can just add snips of weight loss here and there. Youve already got a fanbase. Is this a dumb idea? Are you rolling your eyes?

Fat Daddy said...

I don't wanna see you quit either. I don't know the cure, but I doubt walking away will help you. And I'd miss you too.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Spring'll be here before you know it and you can get some bright sunshine on your face and chase these doldroms away.

I'm with Tricia: "Life will be good again."

Katie J said...

Awwww sweetie we would be VERY sad to see you go! Tricia as some very good points in her comment.

Give yourself some time but don't ditch us or I will have to hunt you down biotch! :-) xoxox

Kelly! said...

noo!! you cant leave! hang in there i've had a shit ass week but i know it will get better. you need the blog and support now more than ever!

Kat said...

Awwww don't quit...even if you are having a bad day, doesn't it help to blog it the hell out and let us read it. I sure helps me to dump my soul on here...sometimes my "bloggie friends" are all I have. I read your blog, and I feel bad that you don't feel support. Write away, and know your readers are there to "listen".

Diana said...

Do you have any idea how close I was to quitting blogging about a week ago. I almost never came back. It was just going to be for a couple days, but I was so sick of my whiny self it turned into a week.

Take a break if you need, but I think blogging makes us feel more accountable. I've never seriously tried to lose weight for two straight years without a break. The only thing I can attribute to that is blogging.

Hang in there Amber, but don't you dare stop blogging or I'll fly up there to Edmonton and kick your butt!

wildfluffysheep said...

My heart actually broke a little bit reading that.

UM there's not giving up the blog. ever. k?

plus now there is several others online communications for me to get on your nerves.