Saturday, June 28, 2008

Teeny Tiny Loss

Since I stepped on the scale on Wednesday I've been doing my damnedest to stay within my daily allotted points and drink lots and lots of water! Yesterday I even drank so much water I had to pee every five minutes! Even if my gain in the mid week is because I'm PMSing and retaining water, it paid off. I lost a teeny tiny 0.2lbs. That's it. Not even half a pound. But it's still a loss. Not a gain. Not staying the same. It's a loss. And that makes me feel a little better.

This weekend I'm off to the race track. Ian and his dad have been working on the car every weekend since the beginning of the season and dad's pretty well said the car WILL be ready to go out this weekend as it's a big race. Double header, the Oilman's Invitational. Big for points, big for prizes, and dad doesn't want to miss this one. So, pit I will! I love being in the track pits. I love getting covered in clay and oil! The smell of burnt up race fuel is a wonderful thing!

So, I'm forgetting my disappointment in my slight loss, but only for now. Wish me luck in having TOM visit this week and bringing with him an excellent non water retention weight loss!