Friday, June 13, 2008

OP and creepy guys....

Okay so I know they have absolutely nothing to do with each other but really...don't care. I'm taking this blog to a new level and adding more than just my weight loss journey because really, that's only a fraction of who I am right? My journey isn't all of my life but part of my life.

I digress.

As for WW and today, it has been an excellent OP day! I've drank more water than diet soda, which I totally admit is a vice that I'm having a really hard time giving up; it's 10:05 pm and I have 6.5 points left (which means I can indulge in some popcorn with the hubby). I keep peeking at the scale and since last week I'm already down over 3 lbs, I know it's because I was retaining killer water due to TOM last WI but it doesn't matter. It's a loss that makes me even more set in my decision to have joined WW and to stick with it for the long haul, and I've no doubt that a long haul it will be! Tomorrow morning is my WI and I can't wait to see what the week's total brings!

On to creepy guys. A little background, I sell biker leather in West Edmonton Mall. This old guy comes in and I've no problem with old guys in general. But he has a bright red giant daisy earring dangling from his left ear and that kind of throws me off. Then he wants to wear ladies' chaps. Okay....whatever, right? I go offer him the chaps, unzipped and unbuckled. Instead of attempting to put them on himself he raises his arms and waits for me to do it for him. Now, I'm normally completely comfortable fitting people for chaps. Men, women, transvestites, whatever! For some reason I really was not comfortable with this guy. Then as I'm going to zip up the second leg he goes "Oh oh, excuse me". Yeah. He ripped one! As my head was mere inches from his ass! I was not impressed.

He hems and haws a bit, asks questions, says he'll take them but he wants me to cut them to the proper length. Normally I won't do this because I don't want to be held liable if it's too short, but I did it for this guy because I wanted him out of my shop. After they're paid for and cut I, of course, have to put them back on him. Oh wait, no, this is after he's asked to change into them in the dressing room. He tells my manager and I that he wants to wear them without his pants. My manager gets this wide eyed are you crazy kind of look and says "Not in my store". He asks why and she tells him "Because then you'd be naked." Okay...not cool. So I get the chaps back on him for the second time, he doesn't leave. He sees a belt buckle he likes, buys it, then asks for me to put it on his chaps. Well first off you can't put a belt buckle on chaps....only a belt...common sense, second....there was no way I was getting that close to this guy again. When he had to pay for the buckle he looked at my manager and I and was like "I can't reach my wallet." Dude...I AM NOT going into your pants to search for it. Even thinking about the whole event has me wanting another shower. Yech!

And that my friends was my day. Let's hope tomorrow brings less creepy more fun!


Amber said...

Hi. What does "OP" stand for?!?