Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Disappointing Day

I don't know if I just need to have my scale hidden during the week or what but I'm not happy right now. I stepped on the evil piece of machinery this morning and saw that I'm damn near back to 270. And I don't know why! I've done loads of walking and have been staying OP. I generally go into flex points, sometimes even leaving only a handful a week, but I've really been trying to at least leave half at the end of the week. And so far this week I've still got 16 FP left (WI is Saturday). Not bad. But wow....I never want to see that number again. I was hoping to be able to say goodbye to the 260's at least by next week.

I could handle plateau. I know that plateaus happen and I'm okay with that. Just a bigger challenge to forge through right? But a gain when I'm following plan? It's really upsetting me and I don't know what to do about it.

If you have any advice, please, let me know. It's driving me nuts!


butterfly said...

Don't feel bad! This kind of thing happens! There are so many factors that lead to a gain. My best suggestion is to try to not dip in to the extra points. Try to work in what you want to eat for the day into your daily points. I've also noticed that even if i'm on point, certain foods just don't work. for example, icecream and I don't mix. Even if it's counted in my pts, i've noticed that the weeks I eat that are the weeks I lose less. Look back at what you've eaten to see if you notice a pattern. Also, my T.O.M plays a huge role in my weight loss. I gained 3 lbs last week doing the same things I always do. Usually the week after my TOM is when I have my biggest loss off the month. Good luck! Keep me posted!

Melinda said...

Butterfly is right. Do not get discouraged. You have been doing great so far and have been so positive.
Drink more water and see if that helps?
I'm sure that by Saturday you will see positive results. I'm here for you!!!!