Monday, June 23, 2008

Always wonder...

Tonight I had a shoplifter at my store. She couldn't have been more than 16 and was a tiny wisp of a thing. I started to go after her but stopped because...really...would you chase a shoplifter? I'm sorry but if they're criminal enough to steal they're probably criminal enough to stab.

And then I wonder. If I was a tiny wisp of a thing myself and knew I'd catch up to her would I have gone after her anyway? Would I have taken a chance and run? I think I might have because I tell ya I really really wanted to punch her. Yeah so I'm a bit violent. But I take offense to people stealing from me. And yes I know that the store is not mine and the merch is not mine, but I've never worked at a place and NOT felt like it was part of me. I treat my workplace as if it were my own and give it everything that I am. So I am offended by her stealing from my store.

So this really sucks. Today sucks.