Monday, November 30, 2009

Shred Eve

So I did some Shred this morning to prep for my next 30 days and Shredding with Tammy and Co.

After I was done getting the kidlet up and started putting some grapes into a bowl to wash for breakfast, I nearly hit the ground. Yup, everything turned a hazy black. So I had to sit down and felt really odd for the rest of the day, until I ate more substantial food. Maybe that's a hint?

Tonester lost another tooth yesterday, my baby's gettin so big!

I'd show you some lovey type pic, however my hubby's got necropsy pics on the camera and I just refuse to upload those. He needs to take care of it tonight though because I need to get a progress pic up tomorrow.

Oh and less than twelve hours IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


Syl said...

oh the shred! I love to hate Jillian :-)
You'll do great!

Find my way back said...

Wow you need to look after yourself!!

wildfluffysheep said...

good luck with the shred. sounds intense.]

eep on the photos. get that shit sorted.

Camevil said...

Whoa. Did you eat before you shredded?

If you think level one is bad, wait til Jillian makes you her bitch on level 2. *shudders*