Monday, November 9, 2009

I promise that I'll leave you satisfied!

And I will! I've been diggin on this Social Code song since it was released. LOVE IT! And I sure hope the embed code works....

So I've been gettin my ass back on track for the past few days. Last week was a hard one. It usually is after getting back from home, every year it gets harder and harder to say goodbye to the ones that I love so much. The past few days though I've gotten myself a wicked awesome WL partner in crime (, she's already giving me what for and keeping me straight. Just knowing she's there and working toward the same goal is enough. Almost nightly chats about anything and everything...yup...I'm so glad I asked for her help!

I went and did a grocery run on Saturday and LOADED up on fruits, veggies, and all things healthy. Finally some good food in the house! Bye bye poor girl hamburger helper! Last night was some spaghetti, I don't know how to make a good sauce base so I just grabbed a jar of healthy choice then cut up a red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, orange pepper, mushrooms, carrots, and zuchinni. Yum! I think all the crap has finally left my body because good lord am I craving the good for you stuff!

Yesterday's breakfast was a fresh fruit salad; 1/2 pear, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, and a 1/2 cup of grapes with some light whip...and a whole wheat english muffin. Gotta have my carbs in the morning, I can't help myself! This breakfast is sooooo much better than the coco puffs in WI! Or healthier and more filling anyway lol.

Saturday's WI brought me a 1 lb gain. I worked my ass off last week, granted only for three out of five days, but it was far more physical activity than I've done in a month! My body was tight, sore, aching, and my poor skin was stretched to pain because of water retention. My hands always tell me when I'm retaining water and last week it was mad crazy. Also, hubby said maybe that pound was residual from my time in Wisconsin. Could be! Oh well, over it, and going to kick some more ass this week and I WILL see a drop on the scale next Saturday! like 4 am dude!

I have some goals now, after talking with Tammy, that I'd like to accomplish. The biggest being getting more physical activity in, regardless of my physical job. Because one day I will be a runner like Syl ( I know you're looking at me like my pants are smokin...but really, I'll get there!

So to start I'm going to be doing level one of the Shred on the days I'm not working. I'm thinking of nudging Tammy into finding the vid so maybe during December we can have a Shred off! Every evening, well Monday through Friday anyway, I'd like to get in half an hour of pilates and half an hour of yoga. Last week when I was working I was quickly reminded of how much I need to stay limber. I could barely move, my muscles were sooooo tight in my legs!

This morning Jillian and I had a round, and it felt great to be back!


Camevil said...

Boy, you're back on top with a vengeance. Eye of the Tiger!

I just reconnected with Jillian this morning after a week-long hiatus. And even tho it's been a week, I know I'm gonna feel it tomorrow. Never turn your back on her or the wrath will be sweet!

Syl said...

you will be running in no time girl!
The shred is a great way to start. For me i did the 30 day shred and then just got up one day and started running. i attribute my strength and endurance to the shred, it got me in shape!
You have so many great goals set out and it looks like everything is layed out and planned, with this planning I know you will succeed and accomplish everything you have set out to do!
Good job my friend! i can't wait for the review of your first run!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Syl's having that effect on me, too. I went on a walk last night with the dog and wound up running half the time (which caused a concerned WTF expression from the dog).

So, so glad to hear you're getting after it again. You can do this, Amber.

Fat Daddy said...

That's fucking awesome, Amber!!! Tammy is a top notch WL partner too.

It makes things so much easier to have a partner in crime.

And get this straight, young me old again, and I will have to track you down!

And why in the world do you need Elvis? Do you not have your quota of reptiles?????

Tammy said...

I am so happy to be your partner in this Amber! WHoooooooo! You rock hard for doing that shred! I have been scouring the shelves for the DVD here, and no luck so far. Hubs is looking at HMV today. If not, I will get it online. I am digging the idea of a shred-off!

Great job with the healthy will have a happy bod soon with those choices calling to you.

I am so impressed you want to run too! I'll need to work on that!


F. McButter Pants said...

You are on FIRE! Loved this post. You sound so positive. Sounds like you have a great partnet in crime.

Why is it so damn hard to ask for help? PRIDE. Damn pride.

That one pound is gone!

big_mummy said...

You are on fire girl, you are going to rock it!! You have lit the fire under yourself and you will be aesome from now... watch out.

wildfluffysheep said...

sounding super positive, missus. i like it. right back on track. this is good. you can help me recover from being ill and kick my arse into gear.