Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not so happy hump day

It's a new record my friends. I think I was all happy go lucky for two freakin days.

Last night, yeah yeah I'm one of those, I stepped on the scale and saw 217. I seriously almost started crying. Stepped on this morning and saw 215, and then I got angry. Big surprise right. I swear if that fucking scale had a face I'd punch it right in its nose.

I'm finally getting more work in as Ian's caught up, and I've been working my ass off with my workouts. Shredding every morning then pilates at night, with the exception of Tuesdays. It's shit like the stupid vaginaface scale that keeps me from enjoying working out. How the fuck are those numbers going up? How is it that I can barely move my ass from the fucking couch and drop 1-2 lbs a week? Before I left for WI I was down to 205. What the fucking fuck?!

Today is a bad bad day....bad day.


Syl said...

While doing the shred I gained 3 pounds. You are gaining muscle my friend.
Don't let the scale rule who you are, you are worth more than a number
Hang in there!

Camevil said...

The scale can play some serious fucking mind games. Stay strong and push through, to quote Madame Jillian.

TC said...

I know I am not one to talk here, being a daily weigher, but maybe the vaginafaced scale (hee hee) needs to just GO AWAY for a bit. Let your body work itself out with all this newfound exercise and muscle building. You really haven't been in a routine very long. Time will tell, my dear. You know it will!! TTYL :)

Aimee said...

sorry for the bad day - but woo hoo on the awesome workout schedule. i think you're awesome.

Fat Daddy said...

Give it a couple of weeks, Amber without letting up. Soon your body will adjust. All of this working out causes some inflamaion of muscles as well as building them. Soon they will begin to come back into balance. Drink plenty of water, and keep at it. It will work.

...btw...I'm back, and deliberately ignoring your question about "Jump", you cruel cruel woman.

wildfluffysheep said...

maybe you should hit it anyways? might burn some calories...

check you out with the works out and shizzle. bah. is everyone doing ok with exercise except me?

lmao @vaginaface. so gonna use that.

<3 *hugs* chin up. be thankful that you're not me.

Jennifer Brindley said...

I swear if that fucking scale had a face I'd punch it right in its nose.

That's the greatest thing I've ever heard. And soon, I'll be shredding with you! YAY!