Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I know I should be doing an inventory on myself, and I probably will pretty soon here, but I thought I'd share the list of animals we have with you all. I'd provide pics but I need Hubs for that. Some of them are evil bastards!

2 cornsnakes (Mater and Lucky)
3 boa constrictors (Kayla and two unnamed)
2 leopard geckos (Aphrodite and Zeus)
1 veiled chameleon (Karma)
3 russian tortoises (Anna, Boris, and Othello)
1 packman frog (Rita McNeil)
1 salamander (unnamed)
2 jungle carpet pythons (unnamed)
2 mackalot pythons (unnamed)
2 spotted pythons (Stanley and Stella)
1 sulcata tortoise (Baby)
1 iguana (Wolfang Amadeus Lizard..aka Wolfie)
3 suriname toads (Lefty, Simon, and Garfunkle)
1 axoltl (unnamed)
4 newts (unnamed)
6 mossy tree frogs (unnamed)
3 curly tail lizards (unnamed)
3 uromastyx (Carly Simon, Paul Anka, and John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt)
1 blue tongued skink (Ozzy)
2 red eared sliders (Bob and Little Man)
4 black mexican kingsnakes (Jackie, Kelso, Donna, and Kitty)
1 bullsnake (Odie)
1 box turtle (Stubs)
1 kenyan sand boa (unnamed)
2 scorpions (Chico and The Man)
1 tarantula (Aragog)
5 brown anoles (unnamed)
1 house gecko (Chinchilla)
1 fuzzy butt cat (Kitty)

Those are just pets. Then we have anywhere from 75-100 mice going at a time depending on how well they're breeding. Also we're holding 5 other turtles for a friend of Ian's. It's a full house man.

So there you have inventory.


Debby said...

OMG I have 1 five pound dog! What the heck is a blue tounged skink??? I'm not coming to your house!

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Oh my gosh! That is a ton of animals! Awesome!

Anne H said...

It's a Virtual Zoo! Very impressive.

jo said...


I thought we had a lot, 3 dogs and 2 cats and a million dust bunnies!

My son would LOVE to come visit your house!!!

Valerie Roberson said...

Girl you are crazy!! That is too cool! Have you always loved animals, or did it grow gradually?
And I looooove their names!

starfish264 said...

I'm not sure I even know what some of those animals are!! I love the fact the cat's just tacked on the end of the list - kind of a "oh yeah, and ..." :o)

Fat Daddy said...

I am speechless. Wow! Just...Wow!

big_mummy said...

totally cool!! were are they all kept?? do they have their own wing or some shit lol

wildfluffysheep said...

woah missus!
heck of a list!

wildfluffysheep said...

p.s some awesome names you have there!

Carlos said...

um dude?

Jennifer Brindley said...

I don't even know what life must be like with all those animals around. I was just whining this morning about how Dan won't let me get a frog or a turtle or something. Unlike Debby, I'd LOVE to come visit someone with that many animals! Awesomeness.


Lorie said...

Somebody like snakes......

Do they all have name tags so you can keep them straight??