Saturday, June 6, 2009

fuck titles

So I didn't update last week...I was down 0.2.

This week down 1.8.

I'm back below my license weight, again. Let's see how long this shit lasts. I've gone back to the basics. Have tracked everything, have started eating exactly the same food I ate when I started (albeit in lesser proportions), have restarted working out...last week's back fuckage really didn't help. I feel all weak and shit when I do my Shred. It sucks.

Other than that life is...well life. I wish I had wicked stories like Dina and Tricia and Carlos but life sucks lol. Maybe something interesting will happen this week..maybe.


Diana said...

I need to do that, go back to the basics, what I was doing 15 months ago. If I remember right, back then corn chips weren't part of my "diet".

I hear you on life is I can't even try to make mine interesting because it's so... boring.

Good job on the losses. That's great, really super great!

Tricia said...

My next blog post will be about my boyfriend being scared of pigeons. It's just a big ball of excitement over here, pal.

Carlos said...

i think losing weight each week is a pretty good story. wish i could manage that

Dina said...

I like how you used my name first, ACKNOWLEDGING I AM THE MOST AWESOME OF THE THREE!!! Which I totally am.

Congrats on the loss, and on being your license weight. We don't have our weights on our licenses here, YESSS!!!


Syl said...

keep up the great work! your doing awesome.
Thanks for the b-day wishes

Jennifer Brindley said...

Hey chica!

Thanks for the note on my blog! Sorry about the delay - I've been moving and crazzzzy busy with limited internet. So... e-mail me and we can talk about rates for the wedding!

jennybeanjcb at msn dot com. :)