Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blinded by the light!

So I finally took those pics of my tatts. Hope y'all enjoy :)

And just for fun, me and my big girl Kayla :)


Diana said...

Love the tatts, but really love Kayla. She looks gorgeous.

Now you have to tell us what the tattoos mean to you. Why the frog, and what do the others mean? I always find it interesting to find the meaning behind the tattoo. I'm always asking people about their tattoos. I find it fascinating.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

The frog I had done when I was nineteen, it was my first and frogs are my most favorite animal!

The dreamcatcher I got done for my mom, but also because it's such a huge part of my heritage. My great grandma was full blooded Native American, something my mother taught me to be very proud of.

The taurus and leo signs are for my sister and I. She's the taurus, I'm the leo. It's on our left wrist because that way we can always see it and it's closest to our hearts.

The butterfly is for my grandma. Purple was her favorite color, the signature is actually hers, I took it off the back of a picture, and it includes her birth and death years.

The sparrows are purely for me. The base was taken from the logo of one of my absolute fave bands (Murder City Sparrows), it was filled in a bit by the artist. I'm eventually going to add a few calla lillies and some vining.

There are soooo many more I want to get!

My Kayla is gorgeous lol, thanks.

Diana said...

Thanks so much for the tattoo update. :)

I love that each one has a meaning. My favorite is the butterfly with your grandmother's signature. That is way cool.

I'm a Leo too. Love that you and your sister have the same tattoo.

Someday I'll get mine, I just can't decide what. I want something meaningful and pretty. As soon as I figure it out, I'm doing it. :)

wildfluffysheep said...

Eeeep. That is a large pet you have there!

Nice tats, missus! My fave is the frog. I only have on tattoo. But I want another one for my wrist. It took me like a year to get the one I have now so who knows...

big_mummy said...

i love the ink! wow- really makes me want to go get mine done.

ooh and my hubby said to email your pic to me and he will make you thin one evening!! (i picked my timing well ;) )

Dina said...

Love them all, the birds are my favorite though, they look awesome!

snake is EEKKKKKK lol, but cool in a, "I'm afeared please don't bring it close to me" kinda way :)

Carlos said...

ummm dude! love the dream catcher

Val said...

Gorgeous ink!!! Tattoos are so addicting though. I just got my first 6 weeks ago, and I have about 5 more planned out ;)
Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Tatts!

arielcircleofnine said...

Hi :) I love the butterfly and the swallows! My husband is a tattoo artist, and Ive got only one tattoo so far---working on more ideas and designs soon!!
Congrats on losing the 70 lbs; an amazing accomplishment!

Kate said...

I love the frog tat! I've also got a frog (on my right shoulder); I call him Spanky. :)