Friday, April 24, 2009

Tantrum comin on...

I feel like belting out a good ol' WHAT THE FUUUUUUCK! and breaking shit. No really.

With everything that I've been dealing with the past few weeks I really just want to break shit, or hit someone. One someone in particular but....yeah.

Well I've turned into a bit of a scale obssessor. On the scale night and day. Literally, before bed and as soon as my ass crawls out in the morning. Tomorrow is official WI day but stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up from last week by 0.6 lbs. Are you fucking kidding me?! I have worked out this week, nearly religiously, and I feel like I'm eating only when my hunger triggers now, which is great, watching my portion sizes etc. Why is it when I follow the fucking rules I GAIN?! At this point I'm ready to say fuck you cuntface to the rules and find a way to semi-starve myself but not move my ass off the fucking couch and watch the pounds just melt away. Tomorrow along with WI I'll be taking my measurements...and I tell you what, if I don't see some kind of improvement there I'm going to throw one hell of a two year old tantrum.



Dina said...

You dropped the F and C bomb right next to each other! You are my new hero!

Seriously though, that sucks, and it's unfair. It will come off. I promise!

Syl said...

your post pains me to no end! look how far you have come,
I speak from experience, it's going to drive you batty!
Good luck tomorrow and what ever happens just know that you are doing a fantastic job!

M said...

That happened to me last week, then I lost 3 it probably is water weight.

I know you probably hate me for saying that, too!

Natasha said...

I agree with Syl. If your scale is not moving but you're doing the right things, put it away. Ms. Sabotage is rearing her ugly head. I had the same frustration last week and the scale has finally moved. It could be ANY variety of things and it doesn't mean that your body isn't changing; it just may not be changing in terms of weight.

wildfluffysheep said...

*big calming blanket hugs*
Chin up, my lovely. I know how frustrating it is when the scale doesn't reflect how hard you've been trying. But really stick with it, its worth you WILL see results, sometimes its just slower than we want. x x x

big_mummy said...

do you only weigh at home??? maybe you should get rid of them so you stop obsessing and work for the week not day to day. thats what i had to do i was like you and hoping on and off and it only was negative for me.