Saturday, April 11, 2009

A gain and NSVs

I'm up 1.6 this week, I'll take it. I'm okay with it, quite happy with it even condsidering the emotional eating of the week, lack of exercise, and knowing this is the week I usually gain or STS as TOM's making a visit next week.

I've a couple NSVs to share. I would have posted them sooner however circumstanses being what they have been they really didn't mean anything...they do now.

1. I bought my first pair of size 18 jeans in probably 8+ years. When I go to put them on I can actually SEE the size difference in them compared to my old jeans (size 26) and get a little nervous when I go to pull them up over my humungoid hips...then breath a sigh of relief and smile something big when they not only fit, but fit comfortably, and flatter the hell out of my waist.

2. I went shopping for underwear at a "normal" sized person store. It was a beautiful thing!

3. I tried my wedding dress on again (something I've been doing regularly since I started trying to lose weight) and this time it fit...over what I would normally wear as workout gear. It fit and fit more comfortably than it did on my wedding day.

And finally...I've been able to wear a tailored button down shirt that hasn't fit properly in years. Oh! One more, my fat sucker's too big. I have to buy a new one. So I may have gained a little this week...but I'm sooooo ok with it.


Monica said...

OMG! Congratulations! These are awesome accomplishments, especially with the week you have had! Keep your head up...and things will start getting better :)

Dina said...

Great accomplishments! Way to go!

fatty McButter Pants said...

Great post! That is awesome your wedding dress fits, and even better. I'd take the gain too. Keep inspring me!

wildfluffysheep said...

*high five*

*high five*

*super high fives*

Niiiiiiiice. Missus, check you out. Wasting away, you are. *jealous* I am positively beaming for you. Gain smain. Those nsv are way more than a match for it. Seriously glad you're not sweating it. Kudos....

Aimee said...

That is so motivating! :)

Kristy Minor said...

Half the battle is the weight loss, and the other half is feeling great about who you are. And these NSVs are fantastic!!

I do the same thing with pants all the time. I pull a pair out of the closet (today's are a size 16) and think there's no way these will fit. But, I put them on and they do fit. And every day, I throw a little party in my head to celebrate this accomplishment.

Amber said...

Dumb question again...what's "STS" mean? Furthermore...GREAT NSV's!!!