Thursday, May 21, 2009


Had a late start to the exercise today and felt a bit nauseous since I woke up this morning so I did an afternoon session of pilates. I still felt it, not nearly as much as the Shred but it was a good workout nonetheless. My son didn't want to be banished to his room for 30 minutes so he asked if he could workout with me. I had intended on Shredding, however he's a little too young for something like that, but I figured he could do the pilates with me, he's so cute. Just as inflexible as his father. It really truly warms my heart to see him try so hard though. What an angel.


Find my way back said...

What is shredding?

My kids are the same and my youngest gets my gym equipment out it is so cute.

Dina said...

Oh cute! My four year old loves step aerobics :)