Sunday, May 17, 2009


Down 3 lbs this week. Big woohoo...for now. we'll see how well the downward slope holds. It's really frustrating when you average a pound a freakin month. Seriously.

I need a new fat sucker. Mine is too big. Which is pretty sweet to be honest. I told my hubby this and he got all pissed off. Doesn't like what I call it, a fat sucker. Thinks it's me degrading myself. I had to explain to him that I wear the damn thing when I wear anything that is even remotely clingy. Because the fat sucker smoothes shit out, right? I don't want to be one of those fat girls you see walking down the street that have clothing that looks like it was painted on...and it isn't a pretty all.

I've been very very angry as of late. Very angry, very hurt, and very nearly ready to unleash it on the proper person. Which means a day trip to Calgary. Yup. And the bastard will be well lucky if he doesn't lose a few teeth. I hate the way I am sometimes. I'd rather have someone push me away and tell me to fuck off than to walk away from them. It's where I am right now. Can't walk away, can't let go, until cuntface tells me to. I hate him for the way I feel right now because I know it's all a direct cause from his actions.

Penal genders suck.


Dina said...

So glad I'm penis free!

Three pounds is friggin awesome, enjoy it!

Lorie said...

Congrats on the loss!! That's great. :)

Diana said...

Fatsucker! I love it, I think that's a very appropriate name.

Now what's this about hatin' on the penal gender? I have apparently missed something. So, I'm going back to your old post to see if I can figure this out. You must have mentioned this somewhere and I missed it...right?

Diana said...

PS - great job on the 3 pound loss. Way to go!

big_mummy said...

sorry you lost me at penal genders LOL.

give him a swift punch in the head and rush to town with his card, do it!!

Aimee said...

congrats on the weight loss! hang in there, love!

Carlos said...

love a broad that can drop the c-bomb!

also my wife calls her fatsuckers "super chones"

M said...

OK so what is a fat sucker? LMAO Im lame, I know. Feel free to come over here and knock my teeth out, it shall be a bonding experience for us :)~

Find my way back said...

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