Thursday, March 12, 2009

2.8 steps forward 3.2 steps back...

I know I shouldn't be peeking on the scale before my official WI but I did. And this week has been the food week from hell. I'm ridin the ol' PMS roller coaster and eating everything in sight. And I mean EVERYTHING! Seriously...see that pile of wooden scraps over there? Used to be a table...I ate half of it.

On the other hand I'm uber proud of myself for keeping up and keepin on with my exercise. I've upped my time by 20 minutes and have kept on even when I didn't want to. Exercise has been my biggest demon and the exorcism has begun! Heh...exercise/exorcise....get it? Shoosh...I'm funny :oP

Let's hope I can stop eating and at least STS at WI on Saturday. I don't see it happening...but here's hoping.


wildfluffysheep said...

Peeking on the scale before weigh in this totally stressed me out, I am trying to get my flatmate to hide the scales!

lol@ the table comment! I know how you feel I am due on this week...

Kudos on keeping up with the exercise and upping your time :D Let the exorcism continue! lol
*fingers crossed for wi.*

Carlos said...

hang in there and stop eating wooden scraps

how much wood could a wood chuck chuck!

May said...

The scale will trick you when you are PMS-ing it.

Youve done well with the exercise so congrats!

Weight Watchers has so many codes, LOL

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
I wish i could peek before weigh in. It'd be inspiring :o)

Good on you for getting the extra exercise time in! It's hard enough to get the 30 mins going for us. But an extra 20 mins?? You go girl!! :o)