Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just to clarify...

When I say -4.5 flex...I mean for the week. Like in the past couple days I've had my 28 pts each day but 39.5 extra points spread over the two days. TWO DAYS!

I'm swimming in hate.

I'm so utterly depressed.


jo said...

Okay, ma'am, you do NOT suck. Get your head out of the hate sand.

You know, your words are very powerful and this negative talk isn't good. Knock it off!! That's an order.

Guess what? You're human. This is hard. You'll get it. Keep positive, perservere.

Take it ONE bite at a time. Journal before you write. Plan your days out. Plan in something fun, in proper portion, of course.

You can do this. You are many steps ahead of the game by even being here. If this was easy, everyone would be thin.


jo said...

I just scrolled down and read all the posts on this page. I didn't know you've lost 70 pounds.

You think you suck? Really? Do you know how many people wish they could be in your shoes? Do you know how amazing that is? You do, you're just not seeing it.

You've got to start taking a happy pill in the morning. Name your multi-vitamin a happy pill, okay? No drugs. lol You need to start being corny kinda/sorta and making a list of things you're grateful for.

I recognize myself in you. I used to do a lot of the negative self talk. The most liberating thing I did was to stop that shit and look on the bright side. Seriously.

I would really like to see a wonderful list of you, stop and take stock of the great things in your life and post it here. Okay?

I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

C'mon girlie. If it was easy there'd be none of us chubsters left. You've laid down quite a lot of track to sweat a slip up.

After a satisfactory dose of self-hate, I hopeto see you back in the saddle. At the very least I will hound you a bit.

Anonymous said...

Don't let this suck you down the rabbit hole.

Wipe the week and start your points over tomorrow. Just do it without looking back and move forward.

You can definitely do this. :)

anne h said...

Swimming in hate - swim to the shore and crawl out of it!
You are really doing ok, even if it is slow at times. It SEEMS slow, only because we want it so bad.
Sugar gave me instant results. But losing those results takes TIME.

wildfluffysheep said...

weight watchers points = gobbledy gook to me lol

wow @ jo's response. yeah. i echo that.

swim to the shore and crawl out of it! listen to all these other ppl who have better advice than me... so

*hugs and love* *nods*

butterfly said...

We all go through these patches. Look how far you've come. It's only normal that the evil Hungry Monster comes out to find us every so often. We know where we want to be and how to get there, but sometimes a little tango'ing with the monster is what puts things back in perspective :)

If foods not the answer it shouldn't be the solution.

Best of luck!!!

Val said...

You do NOT suck!! Overeating happens. To everyone! It what happens after the binge that matters.
Practice some self love girl! You have had so much success! Don't let a bad beginning screw up your whole week. You are stronger than that :D

Lisa said...

You are soooo far from sucking! :)

jo said...

I apologize for giving you a tough love spiel and swearing. I don't normally leave comments like that. It touched a sore spot in me and I reacted.

I just don't want this for you, I want you to apprecite how wonderful you are instead.