Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wiscofest 2010

I didn't take a shit ton of pictures, only nearly 200, and in two weeks that's pretty little. I'd like to share my trip in pictures! Enjoy :)

This is my best bud Zack and his puppy Karma. Zack is beautiful and is a musician. Yum.

This is my brother in law, KC. Love him, but oh boy did I want to bitch slap him...many many times.

Zack after a few drinks. Self explanatory.

My nephew, Keaton. Isn't he beautimous?

Keaton was not happy.

Keaton unhappy again, with my beautiful sister Jenn!

A whole shitload of turkeys. I actually hit a turkey once, in my first car. My car tapped his ass. Yes I know how fucking dirty that sounds you gutter brains!

What do you think? Time for a haircut? I agree!!!

I love my cousin. And her hands. She works magic!

That's WHAT?!

That's the cousin, Jenny Mae, she does not look impressed.

Almost but not quite there, haven't finished the cut or colored yet.

Ignore my face, CHECK OUT MY HAIR!!! It has been years since I've chopped that much hair off. Feels pretty great!

Check it out! You can see the tatty. It's an angle cut, I heart it.

This is my mum and my baby bro. Yeah he's taller than me too. Even when I'm in heels.

My baby bro and his very beautiful, very prego wife. She should pop any freakin day now. I know it's not a great pic but my camera was being a cock that day.

Jenn hates pics when she's not all gussied. This is her gettin ready to FINALLY get our matching tatt...and our awesome artist, Brandon.

Outline? Check! Look familiar?

I love this beautiful type of art.

And after two and a half years, we finally match!

This is my friend Heather, we hadn't seen each other in twelve years before this night, and it was like we'd never stopped talking! PS: Always have to have a before in before I got so tanked I tried dancing on the bar but couldn't get myself higher than the chair.

Me and my girl Beanie. Yes I was well on the way to WOOHOO by this point!

My girl Krissy's bro Alex. Can you see the look in my eyes? It says "I'm drunk and sexy and you can't touch this, unless I say okay...okay."

Karissa. She's a homophobe. So I kissed her cheek. She cringed. It was funny as hell.

Krissy's rockin out! This was AFTER our little karaoke stint. Oh yeah didn't I mention that? We rocked some No Doubt and Aretha Franklin. We're cool like that.

Do you see it now? Do you see the drunken Amber?

The after picture...but before the chair dancing.

This was after the chair dancing. I'm pretty sure she's holding me up.

And the final jagerbomb of the night. Here's to a great group of ladies I say!

The End.


Diana said...

Love the beautiful hair, love the tatts, love the big smile on the drunken Amber's face, love you. :)

Syl said...

looks like loads of fun, and you my friend look beautiful, love the hair it really suits you!

M said...

Ohhh bless you for posting that many pics, friggin awesome! I love your new hair! :) : ) You are beautiful, girl, dont you forget it!

F. McButter Pants said...

Oh my goodness. You clean real Love the hair. Love the pics. You really do look quite "sassy" in the bar pics.

Glad you had a good time

wildfluffysheep said...

lol. your camera was being a cock... love it.

awesome pictures.
i love the new hair do. you are so pretty Amber.

Katie J ♥ said...

I big puffy heart your hair and it looks like fun was had by all. Too bad you do not live near me cuz we would tear it up girlie ;-)