Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week One

Today marks one week back home in Wisconsin. I'm almost positive I've gained 10 lbs already. I have two more weeks here! The biggest problem I have is the food here is so good, no really, Wisconsin cheese, Funyuns, Coco Puffs, Easy Cheese and crackers. Deep fried tasty deliciousness. You have no idea. It's not even just the food, it's the fact that it's there man. Just there, so accessible. I'm not eating because I'm hungry, I'm eating because it's there. How sick is that shit? I keep telling myself that I need to get my shit together and calm my eating down or I really will destroy everything I've done.

Honestly though, I don't really feel that bad. I know that the minute I land in Edmonton it's going to be over. I know the way I eat at home isn't going to change so all this crap I'm gaining here is going to melt off, but it's still a very very bad step back. I should feel guilty, I should feel stupid and horrible. I don't. How wrong does that make me?

I haven't taken a picture yet. Not one! I want to get my son and nephew together at a couple parks and the pumpkin patch for pics. I think I'll be taking some of my crew at the bar this weekend. Maybe I'll get a nice pic of my sexy Harley boots for Tammy!

Hope you're all well


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I don't know if it's so much wrong, Amber. Like you say, it's a temporary situation and obviously there's a lot of comfort foods in there (and maybe you're just in need of a little loving comfort right now).

My advice? Just be mindful that every mile you backtrack is one you've got in front of you in the future and be mindful of what you're doing.

Have fun on your trip though. I could go for a hunk of that cheese myself right about now (and remember, Coco Puffs are high in Niacin).

Tammy said...

Hee hee you mentioned me in your blog! I wanna see the boots! Lol...I wore mine yesterday, but I forgot to take a pic! Silly goose.

You know what? If you aren't beating yourself up over you eating...don't beat yourself up about it. Seriously, if you are having fun and you know that you will be back to work once you hit Canadian soil again, and you can live with some added poundage from you trip...where's the problem here? I mean, yes, logic says watch your calories, don't put yourself in that position of gaining weight blah blah...but you are on VACATION! C'mon! I say bring it on, as long as you won't get down on yourself later for it.

Have fun, and can't wait for pics!


F. McButter Pants said...

You shouldn't feel stupid OR horrible. Enjoy your trip and your family.

You're right, those pounds will melt off. Besides it's just the 1st week. After the second week the newnest of it all will disappear.

Looking forward to those pics!

Fat Daddy said...

It sounds like you are well, Amber. And that is good. Do the best you can in the land of cheese, and prepare yourself mentally for the attack you will unleash once back in OH Ca-Na-Da.

Put your recharged batteries to use.

And get those pics done. You will love having them one day!

Bret and Victoria said...

I know the feeling of being with family and eating everything!! I want to see some pictures they my favorite!! have a fun vacation dont get too down about eating! i know you can do it

Valerie Roberson said...

I spent a summer in Wisconsin when I was preggers with my first. LORD we ate good! Brats and cheese and sweets....YUM!! Enjoy your vacation. You'll be back on track later :)

wildfluffysheep said...

I bet its not even close to ten pounds. I second everything jack sh*t that dude is wise as well as funny.

good to see you posting missus. enjoy your time there, its not like its forever. and you WILL rock this shit when you get back.