Friday, October 30, 2009

Back to concrete not so heaven

Hey all! I've survived (though barely), these goodbyes are becoming harder and harder to withstand.

I've got oooodles of pics to upload to my facebook still (FB is being a cocksucker), and I plan on posting a few for y'all to enjoy as well! Tomorrow is my first WI since getting home...dun dun duuuuuuuuun. Yup. We'll see how that shit goes. I'll do up a blog with some pics and the doom that is my weight.

I'll also start reading and commenting again. I did peruse while gone, a bit when I had the time, but didn't comment too much. It's time to get myself back to the grind and I need each and every one of you to support as well has receive support from. I've found this whole blogging thing doesn't work for me if I don't give as much or more than I get.

Hope this finds everyone well!


Syl said...

Welcome home!

Katie J ♥ said...

We are here for you chickie! Welcome back!

Fat Daddy said...

Welcome back Amber! glad you are home from cheese land. Whatever that number is on the WI, just eat it and jump on its ass!

Tammy said...

Yayyy Amber's back! Missed you, miss! FD's got it right, just take that number and moooove onto doing that shit you gotta do.

We are with you. :)

Carlos said...

you've been missed

wildfluffysheep said...

you have been missed :P well not too much 'cause i seen your facebook action girly!

curious about the weigh in... i shall go read.