Monday, February 2, 2009

Up at 4 am!!! :-o

Okay so I hit the snooze for twenty minutes but I was still up ultra early! It's 6:30 now and I've already gotten in almost an hour workout, had myself a pear, poured myself a coffee, and am getting ready for my day. I still have loads of laundry to get done and some cleaning around the house, but I'm hoping that having to get up to make sure the hubby gets to work early is going to help me build a routine. Yes, even if that means getting up at 4 am or earlier.

I have set my weight goal for my Texas trip, it'd be nice to be into Onederland by then but if I'm just skirting 200 I'll be a happy camper! By then I'll have, weather permitting, a couple months of running beneath my belt and will take that home with me when I make my visit. I'm watching the news now, and according to our little groundhogs spring is just around the corner, I'd like to believe it, but I'm in Alberta. I doubt it, although it would be nice!

So far in 2009 my flypaper for freakness has been at an all time unsticky. Nice for me but not so nice for my readers lol. No freakiness means no funny stories. I think I'll have to start carrying around a notebook and writing down some of the funny things that happen to me, or that I do to myself. I am a klutz, running into doorways is kind of a regular thing. It's normal for me, but pretty funny for those that don't see it on a regular basis!

So my last weigh in on Saturday I dropped another 1.8 lbs. Yay! I have kicked the poo out of that plateau! I credit some of this to Tony, aka, I apologize, I don't know how to link a name :(. I'm sure all of my readers have hit up Tony's blog, but seeing what he's done for himself with the aid of exercise has really pushed me. I kept saying what if I could do better, be better? I hate working out, or at least I hate the idea of it. I love doing it while I'm doing it, I love the wonderfully sore muscles right after (the day after not so much lol), but get off my ass and do it? Never! Well never turned into at least four out of seven days, and then I lost over three pounds, the next week almost two. I think that kind of loss is enough to keep me moving. So thank you Tony!

Next Saturday I don't know if I'll be able to WI as usual. I'll be in Calgary for the weekend at a friend's sister's house. We're taking a girl's weekend and just givin 'er. Saturday we're both scheduled for tattoos, I'm soooo excited about this! I'm finally getting my sparrows on my chest. I'll post a pic of them next week, so keep an eye out!

I've also decided I want to at least post one blog a week, even just to update my progress etc. If possible I'll do more, but finding the time to come up with something to say can be hard sometimes. So MINIMUM one blog a week!

Until next time!


Carlos said...

pretty good effort for not having much to say! love all that old school tat are, sparrows, anchors, and hearts oh my!