Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long time no blog...

So it has been a while. Lots has happened, the car crash, the pregnancy scare (after a couple weekends of binge drinking), and now TOM. Dealing with insurance and trying to get my Wisconsin license converted to an Alberta one has driven me loopy. I'm just getting crushed under the stress!

I had a couple of really good WIs. I think I'd lost like 7 lbs over 2 weeks. This WI I'm looking at a gain of probably a couple pounds. It won't be horrible, but I was so looking forward to saying goodbye to the 250s this WI. Oh well, next one right?

Also, since I've started dropping decent amounts of weight I've decided to get my butt in gear and get working out! Even if it is only walking, I have to do something! So I've told my son that we're going to take walks every day. He'll hold me accountable for it, all he has to do is look at me with pouty eyes and I'll feel bad enough to tell him to get his shoes on, we're walking. Ha! He's actually JUST called me on it as I'm typing this. Anyway, there's this used book store I've been dying to go to that's about 30 blocks from here, that's my goal. I don't think I'll get there today, but once I'm able to make it there and back without feeling like I've died I'll look at that as my first great NSV!

So, stress be damned, I'm going to get my ass out of this funk and be better than ever!

I hope all of you are doing well too!


butterfly said...

That is a wonderful goal! Your son sounds like an awesome supporter.

You definitely can't resist puppy eyes!

Good luck on a fantastic week!

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