Friday, July 11, 2008

In general, I'm okay. I'm actually pretty happy. For the most part. I'm getting really excited about leaving next weekend for my trip home. I'm getting excited to see my family. It's great.

However, I step on the scale and am completely bummed out. It took two weeks of PMS before TOM finally came. So those two weeks I had piddly losses and now, because of TOM, I've gained. My official WI is tomorrow morning but I peeked this morning and I'm up 0.4 lbs. I see all these posts on the board of people that have lost 30+ lbs and I can't even hit 25. I've been fighting these last 5 lbs like mad.

I know a lot of it's my fault too. I've been staying OP, but I haven't really been exercising. But, when I was making those 2.8 lbs losses I wasn't exercising then either. I know I know, I need to exercise. And I will, eventually. I know it's my fault. I know by not exercising I'm sabotaging myself. It doesn't make it any easier to swallow. I have to start pushing myself.


butterfly said...

Try switching up the foods a bit. I've noticed that even though I can have ice cream and I count the points, it has a negative effect on my week.

Last week, I went on two big walks (both up hill so I was huffing and puffing by the end), and I was down 5.4, after 3 weeks of little losses & gains.

Sometimes our bodies just need a kick in the butt to jump start.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You need to LIGHTEN UP!!!!
Relax. The fact that you are trying tells me that you can do it. Don't be so hard on youself. It is great that you lost almost 1/2 a lb. You are lucky. Don't you remember those times when you would gain more than that every dai? Well, which would you prefer?
Keep going. I know you can do it.

Rethink: Losing weight is not for the timid. You need to think through all the reasons you wanted to loes this weight in the first place. You need to think through how much meeting your goal is worth to you. You need to visualize yourself at that weight.

Rebound: Motivate yourself to do some excersise that you can maitain. Don't start fast, start slow. Make yourself move. Just do it.

Reanalize: Make sure the diet you are on is a healthy one. I don't know what works for you, but what works for me is The Makers Diet. Get a book on excersise and read it. THIS IS SERIOUS and I KNOW YOU CAN WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good work,
Mimosa Faith,