Friday, November 5, 2010

back to the basics

My pants are tight. Really tight. Time to get my ass out of its funk and get back on track. Truly.

Here are my goals for next week:

1: Track my food EVERY DAY!

Yup...back to good ol' WW. It works for me.

2: Earn some money!

I've decided that waiting for a reward or results isn't instant gratification-y enough for me. Hubby will be giving me a $2 coin for every day that I work out. I will be putting them into a clear jar so I can watch the money grow. Hey, it's an idea right?

Wish me luck!

Hope you are all doing well out there in bloggerland!


Diana said...

This is so weird...I was just thinking about you yesterday. Something came up about Edmonton having a problem (software at the airport), and I started wondering how you're doing and why you haven't posted in so long. I've missed you and your witty humor!

I'm glad you're back. I like the coin idea. I could make some serious money since I've been working out seven days a week. Now if I could 1) get my husband agree to pay me and 2) stop with the eating! :)

Kat said...

Good luck! I need to do the same thing! I did so well the first three months of the year. we are...another year almost gone, and another year I'm still FAT! UGH! Again, good luck!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Awesome! I wish someone would pay me to work out! Rewards are good tho. I'm at 213 and when I get to 199, I'm getting a massage :)