Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it time? I sure hope so!

Ok guys, I have gone on quite the bender. I've lost 3 people in 2 months. Two of them less than two weeks apart. I got to go home for my grandpa's funeral. And I let that emoitonal eating take over me. Only while I was doing it, I guarantee I didn't "know" I was doing it. I was aware...mostly. I paid attention....somewhat. My pants are tight and I saw a salty water retaining 217 on the scale the morning after I got back. And oh yes, I KNOW it is salt. Trust me, chinese, deep fried tasty deliciousness, nachos, cheese curds...oh yes, the good stuff. Even in moderation carries bucketloads of salt...and I ate it all then licked my fingers very un-lady like afterward.

Before I got the call about my grandpa and hopped a plane home, I had bought a new workout dvd, something to hopefully get me back in the game. DWTS Latin Cardio. I want to try that shit! I'm going to tonight. As soon as I hit the post button as a matter of fact. I've also loaded my fridge drawers with fruit, and the shelves with yogurt and other healthy goodness.

Wish me luck y'all. I'm gonna need it, because I want to beat this, and I can't do it alone.


F. McButter Pants said...

You can do this! We will help. I have missed you. I know what it's like to loose people close to you in a big bundle. I lost my hubs, my father and my mother all in the same year. It was a ROUGH year.

I got through it and so can you.

Hugs to you my beautiful heart friend!

carla said...

you can do this and I wanted to delurk to wish you luck AND remind you of all the support you have out here as well.


Syl said...

I have missed you, I'm so sorry that you had to go through this, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tania said...

DWTS Latin Cardio! That sounds like a blast! I know you've had an extremely rough time of things, but you can do this!

Tricia said...

Glad you're back, girly <3

Only good times ahead, okay?

Amelia said...

Sorry to hear that you've been going through such a difficult time, and of course, about your losses. I think it's human to eat cheese curds in these situations. You'll be able to turn it around soon. I believe in you!